Friday, March 09, 2012

More Art Joy.....

It is one thing to teach a class of art teachers how to alter books - it is something entirely different to teach self confessed "non-artists" how to art!!! I had a fabulous week in Phoenix with my sister Carol and our friend Wendy - we shopped - sat in the sun and arted!!!  Carol had expressed an interest in having an art journal of her own to feature ephemera and photos of our travels in Europe and the Caribbean. She has watched me painting and creating in my journals and wanted to give it a go - with no previous art instruction or interest!! She decided our friend Wendy (no art or crafting experience) would be participating - whether she liked it or not!

 Well, they both loved it!  More art joy spread :)

and another trip being planned for more arting fun.....

A lovely fine art mess!!
Carol and Wendy

I am happiest amidst an art mess

Wendy and I showing off our journal covers - complete with tags sticking out

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