Thursday, April 25, 2013

Making and Giving Away more Postcards!!

My daughter Ellen is participating in a fundraiser for the Canadian Diabetes Association.  She is walking in a 24 Km hike in Iceland in August!! I think it's just so great that she and her co-workers at Barber Ha are all doing this together and working together to raise funds.  They have had several themed parties and more are planned. 

In an effort to help Ellen - I am going to send a handmade Mandala postcard to anyone who donates $25 or more.

Click on this link Pledge Ellen Lagore to make your donation and then email me with your address so I can send your postcard to you.  My email is emily at emilylagore dot com.

I am so excited to help Ellen and to be making cards to send out to all of you!!

Here is my process so far -

I created some background pages with spray inks - Dylusions pretty pretty colours - and used my own handmade stencils.

Then I used my method of sealing and toning down the inks with a glaze - the tutorial can be found here. The pages looked quite different after - perfect for doodling Mandalas on!!

I have started doodling already and when I complete some pages I will post my results. 

Many thanks to anyone who finds it in their hearts to donate - Ellen and I truly do appreciate it!!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Postcard Swap time!!

Last year I had so much fun creating and recieving postcards in iHanna's annual postcard swap that I joined up again this year.  I meant to put a link and promote it before the deadline but I was sidelined with a nasty cold and didn't do much online work at all for a few weeks. 

Unfortunately I didn't take many progress pics except a few on Instagram. 

I started out with some Strathmore paper and used my Gelli Plate and acrylic paints with stencils to lay down a background.  With several layers of paint on the papers I drew Mandalas strategically so that once it came to cutting the postcards to size there would be a fair portion of Mandala on each postcard.  After drawing on the Mandalas - I applied a glaze with Glaze Medium to seal and put a shine over the entire card.

These are the 10 cards - 4"x6" - they are all hand addressed and fancied up with some of my favourite washi tapes on the backs.

I am excited to recieve my postcards!! Thanks for all your hard work organizing the swap Hanna!!