Thursday, June 14, 2012

Doodles Doodles and yes - more Doodles

Hello to all who are still with me here on my poor neglected blog!

Posting from my iPhone with a few instagram pics of my goings on the past few weeks. I am still not well - although feeling a bit better after switching meds earlier this week. The dizzy is not as bad - but still not driving - hard to shoulder check with my head spinning. I've only left the house a couple of times in the past 2 weeks - dr appts mainly and physio. My beautiful daughter Ellen has been taking good care of me :)

I am currently obsessed with my spray inks and have created a ton of backgrounds in a few of my journals - to doodle away my dizzy days. And doodle - have I ever!!!

Here are a sample of the doodles I've been showing my instagram friends - so easy to post with just a few words over there :)

Saturday, June 02, 2012

I've gotten lost over at Instagram

Hello everyone!

I had every intention of writing a full blog post or two today complete with journal update photos - I even took photos this morning - but "the dizzy" has taken me over and I am incapable of sitting up and doing the necessary editing on my comp. I am typing this on my phone leaned back in my comfy chair with the boys curled on my lap watching the Nascar race.

Let me explain - I took the next step with my anxiety and depression and I started my meds this week. Dizzy has been my theme this week - a side effect that I am crossing my fingers will subside soon.

So all my best intentions to post will have to wait til the world stops spinning.

To distract myself I have fallen completely in love with Instagram!! If you are on there please let me know - I WANT to follow you!!! If you would like to follow me I am emilylagore there :)

A pic I posted on Instagram this morning - I was delighted to find a few lily of the valley blooms hidden amongst all the quack grass and dandelions in my -heh- "flower bed"

Enjoy your weekend!!