Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I need an ART curfew.....

If I stay up too late working on my art then it takes me hours to settle in to be able to sleep.  Here it is 11pm and I have finished working for the night but my mind is racing with ideas and I know there will be no decent sleep for awhile.  Yikes!  How do you stop your mind from thinking?!! Maybe the first step should be quitting art earlier in the evening ;)

This journal page was much fun to create - it is black Gesso with white Gesso stenciled around the edges - a perfect background for a white Gellyroll pen and one of my favourite doodles - a Mandala.  I drew the Mandala and journaled around the edges while at the Nascar race in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago.  Art journaling - a perfect way to pass the time before the race as far as I am concerned.  I am still working on the white Gesso edges - everytime I have a bright colour on a sponge (and I remember to) I swipe a bit to finish it off.

I am off to calm my mind.....


  1. Love this page! And i never thought to put white gesso over black gesso. Thanks for the tip!