Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Postcard Exchange

I am feverishly working on my postcards for iHanna's Postcard Exchange - the deadline to enter is tomorrow - March 7 - but her site isn't working properly and I haven't entered yet!! 

I am having great fun painting and collaging the bases for the cards - now comes the detail work with some gel transfers to apply and some flowers to paint - then some layers of faux encaustic techniques that I have been playing around with after reading Jodi Ohl's tutorial in the January/February issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.  I have to send out the postcards - 10 of them - by March 12 - I think that is enough time to complete them!! 

fingers crossed anyways ;)

here are a few pics of the watercolour paper that I've prepared for the cards.....I will update when I have gotten a little further with them.

have a great Tuesday!!

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  1. Omigosh Em, how the heck are you? I did a google search for CPS postcard exchange and your blog came up first in my search! "Glorious" still has a prominent place in our home... Good to see you still creating, hope all is well with you! Hugs, Mary Lou