Thursday, February 07, 2013

Be Mine

I don't really "do" Valentines Day.  But I have been known to make cards and what a wonderful excuse to use my Gelli Plate!! 

I originally quartered a full sheet 22"x30" of Strathmore something or other - I wish the sheets had stickers on them so I knew what I bought - but I ended up having so much fun I cut up another sheet!

I used my new 12"x14" Gelli Plate and the cut up sheets were just slightly off size but it didn't matter to me - these cards are not going to be precise. 

I decided on my Valentine Palette

Applied the colour randomly

 Spread it using my Catalyst Wedge

And drew random hearts with the smooth end of a paint brush.

 This is the first print pulled - the paint is quite thick and textured in some spots - might make the doodles I have planned for these difficult to draw.  You can kind of see the metallic in the orange paint in these two photos below.

I pulled 3 prints total and also pulled a print in a small journal.  Here they are from first to last and you can see how the paint either was used up by the last one or it dried out. I like all the prints - for different reasons!!

I wasn't done so cut up another sheet and applied more paint - twice!!

  Here are the 8 prints I pulled - love them!! 

  A juicy detail showing the texture and a little bit of the sheen of the metallic orange.

And this one was my fave print!  Now I will let them dry and cut them into cards - then some doodling with my Sharpie Poster Paint pen.  I will take pics and post an update when I finish them. Do you have plans to make Valentines Cards this year?

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  1. I loved seeing your pics of these on instagram but really appreciate seeing the entire process here. Thanks so much for sharing Emily! I'm sure feeling the love now!! xx