Thursday, February 07, 2013

My Lovely Gelli Plate

First off, let me just say that I am no way affiliated or compensated by any of the brands I mention here on my blog - I fall in love with supplies and want to share my enthusiasm for them. 

I love my Gelli Plate!!  I had never done any kind of print making before picking up this awesome supply and once I started it has become an addiction.  I don't think I've even begun to explore all the different things I can do with it but I am having fun doing what I'm doing. Plain and simple - layers.  I love the layers I can get with it!!!

Here's a little show and tell of one tiny little gelli plate session

I picked some colours to squirt on the plate - these are heavy body acrylics

Then I used my Catalyst wedge to spread the paint around.

I laid a stencil over top of the spread paint - in this pic below you can see I spread some of the left over paint onto a sheet of paper which will become a painted page to use in collage.

To pull prints from the stencil, I used a couple of already painted pages and a vintage book page

The paint was pretty much used up from the stencil so I pulled the stencil off and smashed it down on a journal page to create a negative image of the stencil.

The paint dries quite fast so I had to move quickly (it helps to have several journals and pages and painted backgrounds ready to pull prints with) and laid another painted page over top of the gelli plate and opened my journal to another page to try to use up all the paint before it dries. My favourite prints are the ones from these last few pulls where the paint has dried in some spots and it is really random how the print will turn out. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing one of my Gelli Plate sessions!! Would love to know if you've ever tried monoprinting before!!


  1. I don't have a gelli plate. It's on my wish list. The more I see it, the more I want one. Thanks for the demo. I loved it.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback!! I really appreciate it! Hope you get your wish - and in the meantime - I know there are tutorials out there on how to make your own gelatin plate :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and beautiful pages. You've made such gorgeous layers. resistance is getting weaker. You're making it look too darn fun! xx

  3. Wow... I have been hearing so much about this... Now I understand!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!!

    It's just incredible!!!!

  4. I have one that I got for my birthday in December and I LOVE it! The possibilities are endless. Love your awesome prints. Especially the last image above. :)

  5. Love making gelatin prints. However, I always buy the knox gelatin and make my own plates. I usually work with the gelatin plate resting on a flat ice pack so that it doesn't begin to get mushy. I've also used the process with small children. Thanks for sharing your process.

  6. Your tip is developed very clear! I am in love with gelliplates. Have only one 5 x 7 and make every print in multiple colors, and save them for future creations. Would like to know how to make beads with gelliprints (the ones for jewelry)....thanks for showing!

  7. looks great! love that stencil, which is it.. you have not named it. thank you.

  8. Quick tip: when you pull off the stencil, sprits it with water before you put it to paper. Better print, cleaner stencil. ❤️