Thursday, June 14, 2012

Doodles Doodles and yes - more Doodles

Hello to all who are still with me here on my poor neglected blog!

Posting from my iPhone with a few instagram pics of my goings on the past few weeks. I am still not well - although feeling a bit better after switching meds earlier this week. The dizzy is not as bad - but still not driving - hard to shoulder check with my head spinning. I've only left the house a couple of times in the past 2 weeks - dr appts mainly and physio. My beautiful daughter Ellen has been taking good care of me :)

I am currently obsessed with my spray inks and have created a ton of backgrounds in a few of my journals - to doodle away my dizzy days. And doodle - have I ever!!!

Here are a sample of the doodles I've been showing my instagram friends - so easy to post with just a few words over there :)


  1. Oh my, oh my... YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY!!!
    BEAUTIFUL WORK, Emily! :]
    I am crazy gaga over the gerber daisy, WOW!!

  2. Emily, I am in absolute awe of your doodles. Seriously lady!! Amazing. Hope you're feeling better soon. xx

  3. Came upon these mandalas and immediately thought of you xx

  4. Hello Emily... This is Sandra is my email... I cant find you email contact button. Are you coming near Scottsdale, AZ ?? Tell me what city and I can tell you if you are close. Hugs

  5. Your doodles really are amazing, and so beautiful with the colourful backgrounds! Makes me happy.

  6. I love seeing your mandalas over on instagram! They are marvelous!