Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Meet Big Bertha

Meet my newest girl - Big Bertha journal!!

She is 8"x8" - I made her myself thanks to the wonderful instruction of my darling daughter Karly :)  Big Bertha is my first handbound book and I loved the process.  She is filled with all kinds of found papers including discarded photocopies, pages from text books - music books - atlases and also some file folders and cut up paper shopping bags. I never quite know how those pages will accept the spray inks I've been using and that is half the fun of this book - happy surprises!!

This has become my Mandala journal and I am really enjoying the square format!  I have pics taken that need to be resized and I will post them soon along with a tutorial on how I create these backgrounds.

Here are a few pages from my Big Bertha journal -

 This next page is in progress - not completed yet

On a personal note - I am still not well these days - the process to find a medication that will help my depression and anxiety has not been easy.  I am still trying and have just started a new one - which once again is making me extremely dizzy.  I am finding that I have completely abandoned this blog and also reading all my fave blogs because the motion of my eyes going back and forth makes the dizzy worse.  So sorry to all my blog friends out there - I am hoping to get back to routine once I figure all this out.

On my good days I sit at my art desk and use my spray inks to create backgrounds for these mandalas - artistically all I can do on my dizzy days is sit quietly and draw my mandalas.  I am really thankful to have something to keep me busy :)


  1. I LOVE this book!! In person it is just smashing!! I wnated to let you know I have really enjoyed getting to know you...and it is my hope that we continue to grow as good friends!!! You are a huge inspiration in my life..and not just artistlly either!! oh..and I am now follwing your blog!! Hugs

  2. Sandie!! Great to see you here and happy to have you following :). Thank you for the kind words - you are a sweetheart! I look forward to many more arting sessions laughing and getting to know you :). See you in a few weeks!

  3. WOW!!
    I love your book... such delicious pages.
    I could spend hours looking over them, such wonderful work, EMILY! :]
    Keep "arting" away, when you feel well... art does heal. I TRUELY BELIEVE. ~xx

  4. Your mandalas just blow me away every single time Emily! I do hope you begin to feel better soon hon. xx

  5. This is so beautiful Emily, your mandalas are magic and I hope they make you find balance in the moment, just for a short while when you sit and draw. Take care and be well!

  6. I came here via a link on iHanna's blog, and I LOVE Big Bertha...what an amazing journal. Fabulous mandalas. A beautiful and inspiring journal.

  7. Wow! This is just beautiful beyond words. Sorry to read about your dizziness & hope you feel better soon.

  8. I love your book. So sorry to hear you're having trouble with depression and anxiety. I've been there too. It's not easy to find a medicine that works properly. Sending you big hugs.

  9. This book is AMAZING. So sorry to read that you're not well. I hope you find some balance and ease every day. Hugs.

  10. First, I want to thank you for sharing your pages with us here and on Instagram. You don't know how inspirational it is and how they cheer me now and on busy days and crazy days and even happy days.
    It can take a long time to find the right presecription. When you do, it can be like a whole other world, feeling right again. I hope in the month since you posted this, things have improved. And I hope you know that your work touches people.