Thursday, April 19, 2012

Play Pages....

 I took my nephew Logies advice this week and did some playing -

first I picked up a small book I altered and have been creating backgrounds in - I haven't journaled in this book yet.

the page spread had been Gessoed - I used liquid acrylics and a stencil and some tissues and baby wipes. 

first a layer of cobalt teal and then a subtractive method of removing wet paint through a stencil.  I let the paint dry mostly and then applied transparent brown and did same subtractive removal.  I let that dry mostly and applied Titan Buff and sprinkled water on it from my fingertips.  I let it dry for a minute or two then dabbed off the water.  I let it dry a minute more and then started buffing it with a tissue removing and smearing and wearing it off in some parts.

I was thrilled with the results of playing....

Encouraged by my little altered book result I picked up my current journal (that is almost filled!! I need to start a new one) "embrace imperfection" - I picked a page that was Gessoed and had some ripped vintage papers collaged - the vintage papers were not treated before I painted them so I got a different outcome than the book above. 

Same treatment - same colours - different stencil -

heh - I had to hold down the left hand side of the page with my swirly scissors because the book is getting so thick it doesn't want to lay flat.....

  I really enjoy the small details of the text peeking through the paint and how the untreated collaged papers are much darker than the Gessoed areas....

I haven't journaled on this page spread yet - when the urge to journal on it hits me I will show you the completed page. 

Enjoy your Thursday!!  I am headed to my daughter Karlys school that she teaches at - it is their spring concert and they will be showing a slide show of Karly's sketchbook project she has been doing with her students this year.  She is the art specialist at an elementary school - kindergarten thru grade 6.  I am excited to see the students work!!


  1. fantastic effect Emily! Thank you so much for sharing. your colors are amazingly deep. I don't know how you're going to journal over them :-)

  2. thanks Lorinda! I will try using my black Sharpie poster paint pen and if that doesn't work I will re-paint the edges a bit lighter to take the journaling