Thursday, April 19, 2012

Arting with Lee-Anne....

I had a wonderful evening arting with my good friend Lee-Anne last night.  We threw paint around, had a good visit and a glass of wine.  Sprinx and Beans even joined in.....although not much arting gets done with these two on my time I will take a pic of Lee-Anne...


  1. Wish I had a friend to art with--it sounds like a fantastic time! Funnily enough I have several friends to drink wine with... ;-)

    1. well then we must plan an arting trip to Tofino Lorinda!! meanwhile - why don't you try converting your wine friends into arting wine friends? it's amazingly easy - put out some fun supplies along with the wine and munchies - you will have them arting in no time. I call it spreading art joy ;)