Sunday, April 01, 2012

Nascar Doodling.....

I was watching the Nascar race today and picked up an altered book journal that I have kind of stopped working in.  I picked a page that was just a painted background and started doodling.  Anymore, it is difficult for me to just sit and watch TV - I feel the need to have a marker in my hand and to be drawing. All this drawing has really given me a lot of confidence - I am getting more proficient at it!!

What do you doodle?

 my unnamed altered book journal that I haven't worked on in months - approx. 6"x8.5"


  1. This is really beautiful Emily! Obviously I should be doodling while I watch tv too!

    1. thanks Lorinda! I am not sure if doodling while watching tv is the best all the time - I tend to miss a LOT of the show ;)