Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Cards.....

The past few days I have been doodling my Pysanka in my large moleskin and having a fabulous time of it!! I decided to use these doodles as gel transfers and make some cards to give out at Easter breakfast this morning at my parents house. 

I used my Canson mixed media paper as a base - let me tell you I am not impressed with it as a mixed media paper for my use.  I glued down ripped vintage book pages (the paper was extremely warped by this time and I had to flatten it out by bending it backwards) and then got out my M Graham watercolours and did a little wash mixing colours as I went along. 

The colours were a little bold and the text a bit too visible on the pages so I knocked it back with a glaze of glazing medium mixed with Titan Buff liquid acrylic.  I didn't want anything to compete with the egg gel transfers.

The watercolours became a beautiful pastel and I was quite pleased with the result of the glazing medium over watercolour.  I was a little hesitant - I wasn't sure how permanent some of my watercolours were and I really didn't want it to run all together.  It worked just fine. 

Now I became a little crazed at this point and forgot to take pictures of the actual gel transfer process - but I promise to document my process and do a complete post on my technique at a later time.

I applied my laser copied transfers with self levelling gel and used my heat gun to speed up the drying time.  I removed the paper from the back of the transfers and cut up into 4 cards per prepared sheet - I actually made two of the above collages - the one above and another one with purple added to the colours as well.  My cards measure 4.5"x6" - I made 8 total and should have made more!!!  As it was I have a very sore right forearm from all that transfer removal!! 

I saved my favourite one....the one below....for myself.  Is that selfish?

After cutting each collaged, painted and gel transfered sheet into quarters - each card was so warped there was no way I could give it out as finished.  So I decided to glue them onto a colourful backing paper.  yikes!!!  they were too warped to actually glue down nicely.  yikes.  I did the best I could and then put them under a layer of wax paper with weights on top to set overnight.  They flattened somewhat and I was less embarrassed to give them away.  Lesson learned....use stiffer paper for my mixed media work. 

Everyone was thrilled with their cards and I had fun and learned something too.  It was great to get out my watercolours's been since last summer that I wet my palette!! 

I hope everyone had a good Easter!!


  1. These are so beautiful Emily! Sorry they were so frustrating but they're definitely worth it! Of course you're allowed to keep the one you like the best--you made them and you deserve the beauty as much as anyone! Besides, that might not be the one that everybody else likes best.... Happy belated Easter!

    1. Thank you Lorinda! Funny you should mention that my fave might not be others fave - my 2nd fave is the last one left!!! I had a little chuckle over that.