Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Chair - Clean Studio

I saved up my Christmas and birthday money to get myself a new desk chair with upper body support.  With my chronic whiplash it is really difficult to sit in a chair that doesn't have a tall back to rest my shoulders - I had been sitting in a desk chair that had seen better days.  Without warning it would slide me down to the lowest setting - kind of funny - but also kind of jarring and offputting.  I went and picked out a deluxe chair with all kinds of adjustable settings for the seat, back, neckrest etc. 

I am in heaven!!  It is so comfortable for me!  Of course I am sure no one else would appreciate how straightback it is - no one can stand to drive a vehicle after I've set the seat for my liking.  If my chair isn't pretty much straightback then there is too much strain on my neck and I am in pain.  At any rate - it's my chair and I love it!!

Ellen and I cleaned our studio yesterday in honour of the new chair and now there is room for me to do my art and for Elle to sew her leather goods.  We also put up one of my favourite paintings - my angel.  She makes me smile each time I look at her - she is based on an angel above the Doors of the Baptistery of the Duomo in Florence, Italy - my favourite city in the world.  It is so nice to sit and work in my clean studio -

I am sure it won't be clean for long ;)


  1. Glad you're so happy with your new chair. Being comfortable is so important. Love your rug!! Forgot to mention your comment about Oliver. So nice of your uncle to take pity on you prairie kids! I grew up in the prairies (age 6-12) and that would have seemed like heaven!! xx

    1. I haven't had much time in my new chair yet but I sit in it sometimes when I pass by the studio ;) the rug is from Pier One - I loved the colours and thought it would be perfect for my paint splashing habits. are you finding it as interesting as I am that we have similar things in our lives Lorinda?!!!