Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Playing is good"

"Playing is good"

out of the mouths of babes!!  I was looking after my 3.5 yo nephew Logan last week and one of his fave things to do at my house is line up my paints.  He oohs and ahhhs over his favourite colours - dark blues and purples btw - and lines them up according to his eye.  He has always been an organizer and is most happy when items are lined up accordingly.  He was lining up my paints and he turned to me and said "Playing is good" 

oh my gosh!  could a life lesson be any simpler?!!

what a fantastic mantra - Thank you Logie!!  for showing me the way....


  1. Love it!! You have a creative genius in the making in your midst.

    1. it is so much fun to be with him - we always do some sort of creating - last week we made some Easter cards for Logan to hand out to all his people. thanks Lorinda!