Wednesday, May 09, 2012

i heart my copics

have I told you that I love my copic multiliners?!!!

well I do!!

they are such fun to work with - very reliable - easy to change the nib or cartridge if you are like me and wear down the nib on a regular basis - a $2 nib is a lot easier to swallow than replacing the pen for over $10!! and those brush points are delicious!!  oh I just love colouring in my doodles!!

okay...way too many exclamation marks going on here...on to the pics of my declaration of love for my copics....

this in in my large Moleskine and I've been working on it for probably a month or so....

not thrilled with how dark it got in the center of the heart - but I am considering adding some 3-D white paint dots or swirls in there to break it up....we shall see....


  1. Oh my... JUST LOOK AT THOSE PENS!!!
    Lucky girl :]
    I love your doodle drawing, BEAUTIFUL!!
    This page is so alive!!
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. funny thing about those pens April - I couldn't commit to the whole set of 12 sitting there in front of me at the art store (expensive) so I bought 3 colours and sat down and played that evening. I was so in love at first "colour" that I worried that the set at the store had sold!! I went first thing in the morning and bought my lovely set. I adore them and use them everyday! Thanks for your terrific comments April :)