Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Wonderful Arting Evening

Lee-Anne came over for a visit and some arting....what a wonderful evening! She is such a great friend and I appreciate her so :)

She's almost finished her first altered book and tonight she prepped her new one.  She also made the base for a beautiful spread and tag in one of the last pages of her very full first book.

You can see that chocolate is front and center - an important part of our arting ;)

Don't you love my messy table? You can see I have a meticulous filing system for my collage papers and my stencils.  yikes!  I need a new system for my overflowing paint bottle bucket.  I am still thinking on that one and haven't quite come up with the right idea yet.  I did buy some shelving for my table though and need to assemble it so my papers and stencils will be a bit more organized and accessible. 

Tonight I worked on a base for a spread in my Anxiety journal and I completed a page in my newest journal which I haven't titled yet....the journal not the page.  I figure that I am rapidly gaining a collection of journals and if they don't have titles then I won't know how to distinguish them from each other.  I took pics tonight of this newest journal and will show you in another entry - maybe by then I will have a title for the journal. 

happy arting!!


  1. So fun! I need an artsy friend. Guess it's a bit far for you to pop over for a visit??

    1. you never know Lorinda....I think I need to make a special trip!!