Monday, May 21, 2012

The ship wocked and wocked

When we were in Cayman in January we went on a charter fishing trip which included a stop at Stingray City. My husband Clayton was excited to share this experience with our family since he had been on the same trip last spring during a business trip and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am not a fan of boats or the water but knew I would enjoy the stingrays- we've been several times and it's always a thrilling experience!

Oh boy was I ill. I asked Elle to take my pic so I could journal about it ;). Here I am 5 months later and I've actually completed the page - the background has been painted for almost 5 months - I got the idea while on the boat to have this crazy background withh all the colours of the ocean I was seeing that day. Heh. So I procrastinate- what else is new?!

Trying again with the Blogger app and pics from my phone- one of these times I will figure out how to orient my phone the way Blogger wants me to.

*rolls eyes*

Have a great Monday!!


  1. This is a wonderful journal page... the background colors simply melt into the ocean. :]
    Sorry you got sea-sick, no fun. ((hugs))
    Take care, wishing you well.

  2. Hello April! Indeed sea sickness is no fun at all but the stingrays were great and it was nice to stay in the water as long as we wanted as opposed to being on a tour with a set time schedule :) Thank you for your comments!

  3. You look so miserable Emily! I LOVE your background. Amazing rich color. xx