Monday, May 21, 2012

Sarah and her Christmas card

Last Christmas I gave my friend Linda one of my handmade Christmas cards and her cat Sarah adopted it. Linda would come home and find her with the card and she would pick the card up and put it away somewhere "safe". But Sarah always found it and made it her own - it was finally destroyed at the end of January. When Linda told me the card story and how much Sarah liked her card - I gave her another one that I had extra. Here it is the end of May and Sarah has almost destroyed her 2nd card. Too darn cute!!

The card was made with alcohol inks and glossy cards with poster paint pen drawings and lettering. I guess they were a big hit.....with a cat named Sarah!


  1. OMG Emily, that is hilarious! I love the picture of Sarah sitting in front of the card!!! You made me laugh out loud and scare my cats! :-)

  2. Lovely cards. The cat has good taste.