Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Loads of playing going on....

I haven't had a lot of dedicated time at my art desk lately but the time I have spent there has been very productive and a little bit scattered with nothing quite being "done" 

some fun new airbrush paints I tried in my new Strathmore journal - with some quick random doodling still in progress.  a page in my wine journal - painted with the labels glued in but no journaling yet.  I better get to it or I will forget my impressions of the wine!!

I really needed to journal this past week and got it all out on several journal spreads but both of these pages still need some embellishments I think...

some more journaling - upper left - this one in my anxiety journal.  I really like that page with the handcut vintage book page scrolls.  a spread in my newest altered book journal - with a gel transfer that I am really pleased with - I love how my  dress is a floral pattern similar to how I draw flowers....so neat!!

I started my cards to hand out for Mothers Day - with a collage on watercolour paper.  I am not sure where these are going just yet - most likely paint and mark making with a gel transfer over top - just not sure if I am going to use a photo for the transfer or maybe my doodles.....

If you are wondering about how many cards I am making here...no - I don't have a large amount of mothers ;)  I like to hand out either gifts or cards to the mothers I know which includes my sisters :)

Not photographed were the 3 journals that I Gessoed the covers in preparation for paint and collage etc.  I am super excited to work on those because it's always such fun to make a cover :) 

creating is good.  it keeps me happy :)


  1. Yes, you have been a busy bee!!
    Love playing around with painting paper, making journal layouts, and handmade books.
    What fun, huh?!
    Your cards for Mother's Day are beautiful too.
    Enjoy the process... always. :]

    1. it's been a pretty awesome fun zone lately on my work table April!! I worked a bit on my cards tonight and feel an urge to finish them up tomorrow- I will post pics:) thanks so much for stopping by!!