Saturday, May 05, 2012

Gas Leaks and stuff.....

So it's been a challenging week.  I've been fighting an old furnace for over a week now and the latest bout was actually a gas leak from a repair done last week.  Yikes!!  Finding a gas leak does NOTHING to help my anxiety.  I am constantly sniffing and freaking Elle out by saying "is that gas?!!"

oh boy. 

Assorted (new) physical ailments and spring allergies - have rounded out my week to make it quite interesting. And if you were here you would hear the sarcasm in my voice.

 I also decided to make THE appointment.  The appointment with my doc to discuss meds for my depression.  I have been fighting it for a few years now but I am pretty much tired of living life halfway and need to get help.

On the bright FUN side - I've become inspired by Tammy at Daisy Yellow - she has been working with airbrush paints in her altered journals.  I bought myself some  and I am going to go have some fun!!

I haven't had much of a chance to do much journaling this week - but I have been doodle drawing a lot....I finally remembered to scan before colouring!!! This drawing is in my large Moleskine ....

I have been working on and off on this drawing for weeks- if not months and it's time to colour it up!!


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    1. Thank you Roben-Marie! How wonderful that you stopped by for a visit:)

  2. This is beautiful work, Emily!
    Such time and effort went into your doodles, love it. :]

    1. Thank you April! I am really enjoying doodling my fantasy flowers during breaks in my day:)