Sunday, May 20, 2012

It is hot in the desert!

Carol and I are in Phoenix enjoying the heat! We've had a lovely lazy day - floating in the pool - Mimosas - some shopping - a delicious pasta dinner at home and some art too!!

An entry in my Embrace Imperfection journal. Fun stuff doing some doodling over a inky Gessoed background.

Hopefully there will be plenty more arting happening this week - its always great to have an art mess on the table ;)


Oh darn it! I thought I had it all figured out which way Blogger wanted me to orient my phone when I take and post a pic - sorry the pics are sideways.


  1. This is a lovely doodle!
    "Embracing" can bring such clarity to one's own self.
    Made me smile today :]
    Sounds like a wonderful time, enjoy...
    p.s. the pasta look delicious!!

    1. Thank you April! Carol and I are having a great time and that pasta turned out just fabulous!