Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mandala Moleskine

This is my Mandala Moleskine - it's a small size - 8"x5" and it's filled with watercolour paper.  I haven't painted in it but I really enjoy the thick paper to draw on with my Copic multiliners. I pack it into my carry on when I am travelling and since starting this habit of bringing it on the plane with me I haven't watched one movie in-flight - all I want to do is draw!!  And the best part is that I don't have to power it down during take off and landing ;)   Moleskine has a wonderful pocket on the back inside cover and I keep business cards in it in case someone shows an interest in my doodles I can direct them to my website and blog. 

It had not occured to me to decorate the cover (duh!) until I started seeing others around the web doing it - including Tammy of Daisy Yellow where she smashed some paint on her Moleskine.  In case you haven't visited Daisy Yellow please do....Tammy is a wealth of inspiration and knowledge and there is a plethora of gorgeousness over there.

I threw some paint around the other day and had a lot of fun painting my cover and then while out shopping for tracing paper and carving blocks at Michaels I found this beautiful piece of abalone shell that I thought would match perfectly with this colour scheme.  I tried to find the word mandala in my 2 dictionary's that I use for collage but it is not entered so I settled for doodle which is quite appropriate :)

I am so thrilled to have a decorated Mandala Moleskine to take on my travels!!!


  1. Wow, Emily. I don't know which I like better...the inside or the outside... just fabulous!

    1. thank you Lorinda!! I am headed out this weekend on my next trip so this journal will be put to good use.....