Thursday, May 17, 2012

Possessed Fingers?

oh my gosh.

seriously pissed off.

I have spent a couple of hours on a blog post documenting all my journals with links to previous posts etc.  I had been saving it frequently while typing it. 

this happens ALL the time.  I must have lazy fingers that rest on my touchpad while typing OR my fingers are possessed.  but I touched something WRONG and poof.  all my work including about 20 photos uploaded and resized.....all disappeared. 


so frustrating.....

I am going to take a bath....I will try again tomorrow.

here's something pretty to look at - I think I need it too ;)

have a good evening!!

 One of the 2 hibiscus I bought myself last week....this bush had 5 blossoms open yesterday....truly spectacular!!

 This one looks like you threw bleach on it at the edges of the blossoms....

and this is a yellow cut orchid I got from Karly and Michael for Mothers Day :)


  1. Ouch! Before you start again, have you checked that it isn't saved in your drafts?

    Your hibiscus are lovely, are you at all tempted to paint them in your wonderful style?

    1. ouch indeed Ruth - yes, I checked and re-checked.

      oh well. I didn't have the time to re-write today...maybe tomorrow.

      am I tempted to paint the hibiscus in watercolour? hmmmm....I kind of do have the urge to paint in watercolour - one of these days I'll get out my palette and brushes - I have about 6 paintings unfinished.....

  2. Oh please do, I loved your watercolours, they were a huge inspiration to me! Sorry all your hard work disappeared :(

    1. Ruth thanks so much!! you are inspiring me with your paintings you have been happy to see you painting!!

  3. Oh Emily! What a pain! I hope the bath helped.... Not gonna lie, I'd still be pissed! Belated hugs my friend xx

    1. I am not gonna lie either- I was still so pissed off the next day that I couldn't bear to sit down and re-write it. Lol. I will attempt to do it when I am back from vacation.